Aviary water pump

Water Pump High-Pressure Spray Automatic Switch

Aviary Water Spray

I was searching for a long time various types of water sprayers. I used a 2 lit, 5 lit hand-powered pump. Nothing fulfilled my expectations. After a lot of searches, I found the below product .small and handy it’s very very good to use. Also affordable prices. Spares also we can manage locally.
you can use always carefully, should be adjusted in the nozzle for misting while spray-on birds .this can be used for pressure ( 100PSI ) wash of your car, bike, and Aviary floor.
Micro Electric Diaphragm Water Pump High-Pressure Car Washing Spray Automatic Switch.
Buy from below link https://amzn.to/31ltj6T

Reference Video –

I used to clean Tray, Aviary Floor, raining effect to my birds, summertime used as a fogger to bring down the Heat, and my vehicles wash.

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