my cockatiel has red spots

Red Spots on the cockatiel nestlings This problem will show up on nestlings only before deathers cover the body. If this problem shows up as red blotches on the skin with no swelling, and the cause id mosquitos. cockatiel Babies are extremely susceptible to mosquito...
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Cockatiel breeding combination

Cockatiel breeding combination We are the hobbyist to keep cockatiels. Sometimes we need to know the breeding combination and what will be the outcome of the chicks and their colour mutations. most of the breeders and hobbyist just breed. If we really wanted to know...
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Cockatiel nutrition

Cockatiel bird nutrition
Cockatiel nutrition fundamental we must give our Cockatiel birds a menu that includes an adequately balanced ration of protein, carb, and fat. Aside from vitamins and minerals, these three major nutritional components of all foods. when the proper combination of these elements is present in the...
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