Recessive Pied

The Recessive Pied mutation is the oldest of the established color morphs in Cockatiels. Sindel and Lynn (1989) report that they were first bred by Mr. D Putman in the USA in the year 1951, however Alderton (1989) and Cross and Andersen (1994) report them as appearing in the year of 1949.

George Smith (1978) also reports that they appeared before the year of 1951, which was the date when Mr. Hubbell took over the development of the color morph. In the same time, Mrs.R.Kersh was also found Pied specimens in the USA and these were the import from Europe source ( Imported from Smith 1978, Europe ).

They became available to the public in Australia around the year 1970’s. The same time as the Lutino and the Pearl. It is now available all breeders and hobbyist breaded and increase lutino, pearl population. Early specimens often only carried small areas of pied markings, however, breeders have been able to selectively ‘improve’ the color so that today a good Pied specimen has melanin pigment restricted to the ‘saddleback’ pattern and is symmetrical (butterfly marking).

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