Cockatiel nutrition

Cockatiel bird nutrition
Cockatiel nutrition fundamental we must give our Cockatiel birds a menu that includes an adequately balanced ration of protein, carb, and fat. Aside from vitamins and minerals, these three major nutritional components of all foods. when the proper combination of these elements is present in the...
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Recessive Pied

The Recessive Pied mutation is the oldest of the established color morphs in Cockatiels. Sindel and Lynn (1989) report that they were first bred by Mr. D Putman in the USA in the year 1951, however Alderton (1989) and Cross and Andersen (1994) report them...
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The Cockatiel – By Tony Silva

The worldwide obsession is for a large parrot. Everyone, including a beginner with no experience, wants a large parrot. They are certainly gaudy, intelligent and can make a good pet if you have some experience in handling larger parrots. That these individuals overlook the Cockatiel...
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