my cockatiel has red spots

Red Spots on the cockatiel nestlings

This problem will show up on nestlings only before deathers cover the body. If this problem shows up as red blotches on the skin with no swelling, and the cause id mosquitos. cockatiel Babies are extremely susceptible to mosquito bites, and in extreme cases, this can so deplete cockatiel blood supply that death causes.

on a baby it welts that appear on the human skin will not show. only the red spot where blood accumulates will be apparent .mosquito injects under the baby’s skin to dilute the blood and to prevent coagulation of the blood.

A solution to this problem cockatiel :

Keep mosquitos away from the cockatiels . do the screening, spraying even swatting depends on your particular condition. We always use swatting to protect from cold, but also protection from mosquitoes

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