Cockatiel bird nutrition

Cockatiel nutrition

Cockatiel nutrition fundamental

Cockatiel bird nutrition

we must give our Cockatiel birds a menu that includes an adequately balanced ration of protein, carb, and fat. Aside from vitamins and minerals, these three major nutritional components of all foods. when the proper combination of these elements is present in the diet, there is a much better choice of producing good quality birds or a happy pet.

Most recently, pellet food has gained favour with many breeders.

Seed quality is very important .grains should not contain a minimum of dust and never smell sour or rancid. very cheap seeds most likely old seed. the balanced ration and offer the mixture of one feeder. millet 40 % ,sunflower seed 30%,canary 15% ,hemp 5% ,sufflower5% and 15 % hulled oats .greens is great source of multivitamins .

Cockatiel nutrition Natural Calcium

Also, place in cage mineral mix and cuttlefish bone.

High protein goods – canary, niger seeds

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