Cockatiel Mutations

Cockatiel Mutations

List of Cockatiel Mutations 

Cockatiels had lot of mutations . The most popular mutations ( cockatiel parrot color) are Lutino Cockatiel, Albino , grey, and Pied . More detail list updated below

Cockatiel Mutations

  • List of  Cockatiel Sex-Linked Mutations

    • Lutino Cockatiel
    • Cinnamon Cockatiel
    • Pearl Cockatiel
    • Sex-Linked Yellow Cheek (SLYC) Cockatiel


  • List of  Cockatiel Recessive Mutations

    • Pied Cockatiel
    • Fallow Cockatiel
    • Recessive Silver Cockatiel
    • Whiteface Cockatiel
    • Pastelface  Cockatiel (Act as dominant to Whiteface)
    • Emerald Cockatiel


  • List of Cockatiel Dominant Mutation

    • Normal Grey Cockatiel
    • Dominant Silver Cockatiel
    • Dominant Yellow Cheek Cockatiel
    • Pastelface Cockatiel (Act as dominant to Whiteface)


  1. How to separate pairs please explain in brief?
    How many days have to separate pairs for repairing with another male or female??

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