Cockatiel color Mutations (list)

  • Anti-Dimorphic (ADM) Pied/Recessive Pied
  • Ashenfallow, incorrectly known as either Recessive Silver and/or Silver Fallow in the past
  • Bronzefallow/Brownfallow
  • Cinnamon
  • Dilute, incorrectly known as Pastel Silver in the past
  • Dominant Silver/Ashen Dilute
  • Edgedilute, incorrectly known as Spangled Silver in the past
  • Faded
  • Sex-linked Ino/Lutino/Albino
  • Palefaced Ino/Creamino
  • Non-sex-linked ino/Recessive Ino
  • Opaline/Pearl
  • Palefaced, often incorrectly known as Pastelfaced
  • Pallid, often incorrectly known as Platinum
  • White-faced
  • Dominant Yellowcheeks
  • Sex-linked Yellowcheeks
  • Yellow-suffusion, incorrectly known as Emerald and/or Olive

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