Cockatiel breeding combination

Cockatiel breeding combination

We are the hobbyist to keep cockatiels. Sometimes we need to know the breeding combination and what will be the outcome of the chicks and their colour mutations. most of the breeders and hobbyist just breed. If we really wanted to know about breeding and their mutation combinations are below. so plan accordingly what will be the outcome based on our breeding birds combination. Since I shared my personal experience. It may be useful for many.

Cockatiel breeding combination


Cockatiel Combination of sex-linked recessive

Pearl Male X grey female = 50% grey/ pearl chicks and 50% of Pearl females

Grey male X pearl female = 50% Grey / pearl males and 50% grey females

Pearl Male X Pearl Female = each 50% pearl male and female

Grey/pearl male X grey female = 25% grey male /25% pearl male and 25% grey Male / 25% pearl females


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