Apple cider vinegar drink benefits

Apple cider vinegar drink benefits

It must be the Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Otherwise, It may be helpful in some cases to a certain extent, but that’s merely a possibility. ACV has no side-effects & is a much better alternative to antibiotics for birds.

Usage of Unfiltered ACV

1. Raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar has natural enzymes, minerals vitamins and essential acids that help keep yeast & other infections under control.

2. It frequently referred to as natures ‘antibiotics’ that is more of a pro-biotic (because of its an antiseptic). It works against almost all kinds of viruses, bacteria & other germs in birds’ body. Cures digestive & crop disorder/ vomiting/ green poop & other bacterial problems, respiratory/lungs problems/ labored breathing due to lung infection

3. It detoxifies (cleans out) the entire system of birds, i.e., all the organs of bird’s body & enhances immunity- lungs & the full respiratory system, digestive system including stomach & crop etc.

4. It reverses almost all kinds of digestive disorders & malfunctions of other organs, such as stomach, liver, kidney, crop, intestine, lungs etc.

5. Can be used externally, to disinfect wounds/injuries on the bird’s skin just as an antiseptic. (the ratio may be- water: ACV = 3:1 or in some cases without water depending on the particular condition)

Always use “BRAGG MOTHER Apple Cider Vinegar”.

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